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The initial consultation cost is $270 and subsequent consultations are $235. The Australian Psychological Society Recommended Rate is $254 per session.
When referred under a Medicare Mental Health Care Plan (MHCP), clients can receive a rebate between $88.40 and $128.40 per session for up to 10 sessions in a calendar year. These plans can only be implemented by a GP, a psychiatrist of paediatrician and the practice needs the paperwork from this referral to be able to implement the rebate. See more information regarding Medicare rebates at https://www.psychology.org.au/for-the-public/Medicare-rebates-psychological-services.   Health fund rebates are usually only available once the Medicare plan has been exhausted. Each private health care fund is slightly different and we recommend that you check with your fund for the specific details regarding ability to receive a rebate for session fees.
Sessions are 50 minutes and are not extended if you are running late.
We endeavour to send out an SMS reminder for appointments at least 3 days before your scheduled consultation. The practice has a cancellation policy that requires 48 hours notice to avoid a cancellation fee. 100% of the session fee will be charged for non-attendance or cancellation with less than 24 hours notice and 50% of the fee is charged when less than 48 hours notice is provided. The practice understands that exceptional circumstances exist however (e.g. hospitalisation, death and illness in family) and discuss individual circumstances with the client.
Most clients are able to fulfill their treatment goals within 10-12 sessions, particularly for moderate difficulties and/or presentations that do not have a long-term history. Clients with chronic and long term difficulties often require more than 10 sessions to reach their treatment goals and to prevent relapse. If clients are not in a position to do longer-term therapy, the clinician would be happy to work on some specific goals within their Medicare plan through CBT and other related therapies.
Payment for sessions can be made by Visa, Mastercard, EFTPOS, and cash.
Bondi Junction Practice: We are conveniently located within 5 minutes walk of Bondi Junction Train Station and Bus Terminal. Alternatively, the most convenient parking station is Eastgate Shopping Centre (Ebley St). The cost for this station is $1 for the 1st hour and $2 for 2 hours. Other parking options include: time-limited parking on road, Waverley Library (Ebley St-approx $3.50), Office Works (Ebley St- free for 1.5 hours), and Westfield (10 min walk- free first 2 hours).
Your first appointment at Mindright will be an assessment session where the focus of the appointment is to speak about the difficulties you are experiencing and your personal history. Your therapist will ask a series of questions to get to know you and what has been happening and will provide some feedback on how s/he is able to help you to manage these difficulties. Building a positive and collaborative relationship between therapist and client is also a goal of the first appointment and a very important part of ongoing therapy.   Most clients experience some anxiety about their first appointment. It is our job at Mindright to help you to feel comfortable and to ask the questions that support you to provide the information helpful in maximizing therapy.   It is helpful to get to your first appointment 10 minutes early  to complete the registration forms. It is also helpful to come with a few notes about what you would like to get out of coming to therapy so that everything important gets covered during your first appointment.
Sessions are confidential other than required by law, including risk of harm to self and/or others. This can be discussed with your therapist on your first appointment.
We require that clients cancel their appointment with more than 48 hours notice to avoid a cancellation fee. Our cancellation policy is 50% of the session fee for 24-48 hours notice and 100% of the session fee for less than 24 hours. This cancellation fee is consistent with national recommendations by the AMA and APS. Flexibility is provided in significant circumstances.
A clinical psychologist is an expert in mental health. They have completed highly specialised training in the assessment, formulation and treatment of psychological difficulties. A clinical psychologist has completed a minimum of 6 years of full time university training in psychology. This amount of training exceeds that completed by other mental health professionals including psychologists and counselors. Mindright psychologists have all completed a minimum of a Masters in Clinical Psychology.

Useful Links

The below links are Australian based services that focus on the provision of information and support for individuals and families experiencing emotional difficulties.