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How to Manage Emotional Distress

Posted by admin 4:01 am, 16 May 2020

Life can be tough. Whether your distress relates to a stressful or traumatic event or is there despite most areas of your life going well, many people experience significant levels of distress resulting in a sense of hopelessness and overwhelm.

Most often, at the time of significant distress,...

How Happy Couples Connect and Thrive by Mary Cantrill, Couple Therapist

Posted by admin 12:05 am, 2 May 2020

What is intimacy? Often when we think about intimacy, sex comes to mind. This is quite a normal link as the words “sex” and “intimacy” are frequently used interchangeably. However, the true meaning of intimacy is “in to me see”. It is foundational for a long lasting relationship throughout...