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Excluding Children from School can Trigger Long Term Psychological Difficulties

Posted by admin 3:48 am, 11 September 2017

Suspension and expulsion are regular methods for managing behavioural (and at times emotional) problems in the school environment. A recent study of 5000 school-aged children, their parents and teachers found that children who have been excluded from school even for just 1-2 days (most often through suspension) were more likely to experience a psychological difficulty including depression and anxiety than children at follow up. They also found that children presenting with depression, anxiety, ADHD and autism were more likely to be excluded than those without a psychiatric condition (i.e. a bi-directional relationship).

This study highlights the need to continue focusing on early identification and management of students with psychological difficulties to prevent exclusion as well as the benefit in working collaboratively with children, parents and staff to manage behavioural difficulties without exclusion if and where possible.