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The wonderful world of psychological Podcasts

Posted by admin 6:41 am, 21 September 2015

I have recently discovered the wonders of the world of psychological Podcasts. I admit that I am slightly behind the times in this discovery but feel that for other technologically challenged people like me, it is news worth sharing! For those who don’t know, a Podcast is a recorded interview or speech that you can access through the ‘Podcast’ App on your phone or online. They are often given by professionals or experts in a given field and can provide amazing opportunities for education and learning about new topics.
The best one I have discovered on the topic of psychology is called “All In The Mind” and is an ABC radio program with 30 minute segments on all kinds of topics relating to psychology, mental health and the brain. I have listen to many experts talk about their particular fields, including psychologists, psychiatrists and neuroscientists. One very interesting Podcast is called Teenage Brainstorm, in which Dr Dan Siegel, a professor of psychiatry, in interviewed about how the teenage brain changes itself by pruning off unused neurons and strengthening other connections. It goes a long way to helping parents understand why these teenage years can be so emotional and tumultuous for teenagers.
Another Podcast I’ve recently listened to is The Narcissism Epidemic, in which a researcher and professor of psychology discusses the rise of narcissistic behaviour in our culture. This fascinating insight discusses the changes in our values over the past 40 years, the increase in individualistic culture and egocentricity due to social media and a focus on personal achievement and status rather than community values.
The Podcasts in All In The Mind are on all kinds of topics, including depression, addiction, mindfulness, anxiety and social issues. I have recommended listening to these Podcasts to many of my clients and would recommend listening to them to anyone experiencing any mental health issues, or those with an interest in understanding the complex workings of mind better.
Dr Rani Simpson