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Homesickness or AKA Adjustment Disorder

Posted by admin 9:55 pm, 21 September 2015

Travelling back home this week it got me thinking about homesickness and adjustment. I currently have quite a few patients from the UK or adolescents in college/university who suffer from adjustment disorder and homesickness. this does not necessarily mean they want to go back home however it is a...

The wonderful world of psychological Podcasts

Posted by admin 6:41 am, 21 September 2015

I have recently discovered the wonders of the world of psychological Podcasts. I admit that I am slightly behind the times in this discovery but feel that for other technologically challenged people like me, it is news worth sharing! For those who don’t know, a Podcast is a recorded interview or...

Irritability and anger- destructive emotions

Posted by admin 5:40 am, 7 September 2015

Writing my session notes last week one common theme that most of my patients had was a sense of frustration, irritibality and anger they had at the workplace. This issue is probably one of the most common reasons people tend to get anxious or depressed and so it is crucial to address before it impacts...

Walking the middle road in practice

Posted by admin 5:30 am, 7 September 2015

The idea of ‘walking the middle road’ is a core concept in dialectical behaviour therapy (DBT), a therapeutic approach developed by Marsha Linehan which involves excellent strategies to help us recognise and regulate our emotions. The ‘middle road’ approach encourages using...

Techniques for Working with the Mind During the Exam Period

Posted by admin 2:51 am, 4 September 2015

Your mind evaluates and labels things to assign significance to events in your life. This is what minds do. It is a natural and normal process and is often quite helpful. However sometimes the mind is not so helpful and buying

into our...