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Benefits of Yoga for anxiety and depression

Posted by admin 4:48 am, 26 March 2015

Many of my clients have wondered why sometimes I strongly recommend that they go to yoga as part of their therapy journey. There are some elements that yoga seems to help and target better than therapy and when someone is participating in both I can really see the growth in that client. Acupuncture...

Emotional Validation

Posted by admin 9:43 am, 25 March 2015

Over the years that I work as a clinical psychologist the importance of emotional validation becomes more and more clear to me. Validation is an essential component of psychological practice, but is also the cornerstone of most healthy relationships, and invalidation causes many of the relationship...

Too much praise helps create narcissistic children

Posted by admin 10:10 am, 16 March 2015

I came across an article last week which i thought i would share as found it very interesting. It seems that parents turn their children into little narcissists by overvaluing them. This is what a new study finds.

It  seems that it is better to concentrate on being emotionally warm towards...


Posted by admin 12:28 am, 6 March 2015

“Sexting” among minors and the potential for harm The internet has become our main form of communication and for the teens of today, it has always been a part of their lives. While parents struggle to understand the many new apps and websites that are popping up all the time, teens seem to take...